Remanufactured Cylinder Heads for Sale

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Are your cylinder heads shot? Don’t give up the engine you know and love—install Gearhead’s rebuilt cylinder heads and you’re good to go! Our remanufactured cylinder heads go through a stringent 9-step remanufacturing process. They’re built to OE specs (or better!).

Knowledgable cylinder head experts

We offer cylinder heads to fit almost any engine, especially Chevy cylinder heads and Ford cylinder heads. Once you’ve found the cylinder heads that are right for you, shipping in the lower 48 is free and fast. Need it delivered outside the US? We ship to over 800 locations around the world!

Pick the cylinder head that’s right for you

If you're looking for a top quality cylinder head then you've come to the right place. Each head goes through a rigorous cleaning and machining process before final assembly and shipping. Some of the key steps include: passing through a high temp. oven, placement in a non-caustic hot tank, cutting seats (not grinding) using 3 angle valve cuts, inspecting all valves for stem and valve face damage/wear as well as straightness, machining head surfaces (milled not ground), running heads through a detergent-based hot tank prior to assembly, hand-fitting all valves and regrinding or replacing all camshafts.

These are just a few of over 40 processes each head goes through from a core to finished product, so you can buy with confidence from Gearhead.

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